Vera Vicenzotti

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Vera Vicenzotti is senior lecturer in landscape architecture at the Department of Urban and Rural Development at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and a member of the Division of Landscape Architecture's Design Theory Group (DTG).


Her research interests are landscape architecture theory, methodology and history.

Recent publications

Kirchhoff, Thomas & Vicenzotti, Vera. 2017. Von der Sehnsucht nach Wildnis. In: Thomas Kirchhoff, Nicole C. Karafyllis et al. (Hgs.): Naturphilosophie. Ein Lehr- und Studienbuch, Publisher: UTB / Mohr Siebeck: 313-322.

Vicenzotti, Vera. 2017. Thomas Sieverts: Zwischenstadt. In: Frank Eckardt (Ed.): Schlüsselwerke der Stadtforschung. VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften: 127-143.

[Publisher's information]

Vicenzotti, Vera; Jorgensen, Anna; Qviström, Mattias & Swaffield, Simon. 2016. Forty Years of Landscape Research. Landscape Research 41(4): 388–407. [Abstract and link to full text (open access]

Etteger, Rudi van; Thompson, Ian H. & Vicenzotti, Vera. 2016. Aesthetic creation theory and landscape architecture. Journal of Landscape Architecture 11(1): 80-91.[Abstract and link to full text (open access)]

Qviström, Mattias; Bengtsson, Jens & Vicenzotti, Vera. 2016. Part-time amenity migrants: Revealing the importance of second homes for senior residents in a transit-oriented development. Land Use Policy 56: 169–178. [Abstract and link to full text (open access)]

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